Welcome to A Place of Healing—a place where you, your journey, and your life are honored—a place where you are apeft logopreciated and accepted just as you are.

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Sometimes our experiences prompt us to re-evaluate our current methods for feeling good.  Would you like to experience more love, peace, and joy in your life?  Are there areas in your life that you would like to reconcile with, or free yourself from?  A Place of Healing can help.  

By working with you and with your energy system, A Place of Healing helps you discover a new understanding, and a fresh perspective about yourself.  You are worth loving and accepting.  Your life is worth living, and your song is worth singing.

If you are ready to tune in to your life and in to your song, A Place of Healing is ready to assist you.  
Randy Jensen We offer individual private sessions to help you free yourself from limiting beliefs and behaviors, and we offer weekly workshops and monthly classes to help you explore your discoveries with others who welcome you and your contributions.  Come to learn, and come to share.  A Place of Healing welcomes you!