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The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system."
—Gary Craig

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EFT and True Self-Esteem

Q: What is "True Self-Esteem"?

A: First, we’ll define “Self-Esteem” as the value we place on ourselves and on our abilities. This self-determined value tells each of us the level of self-respect we supposedly deserve, and significantly affects our confidence in ourselves and in our world.

Second, by “True” as used in the term "True Self-Esteem" we mean that which is accurate, authentic, and real. Thus, by "True Self-Esteem" we refer to that “Self-Esteem" which effectively serves our true self.

This “True Self-Esteem is neither false pride, nor is it self-deprecating and equally false humility. It is the real deal, and it is wonderful!

Q: How can EFT help me to develop my "True Self-Esteem"?

A: Each person has the opportunity to discover his or her own personal answer to that question. Briefly, EFT allows blocked energy and emotion to be released and the neural-networks of our brains to re-pattern themselves. These changes can profoundly influence our conception of our self-esteem, as well as the products of that conception. Our "True Self-Esteem" is a wonderful discovery!


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