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The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system."
—Gary Craig

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Nutrition and Intuition

Of the many thoughts and writings on what to and what not to eat, some say this will improve health while others say this won’t, but that will. Are we getting enough protein, or are we getting too much? How much should come from animal sources, or can protein from animal sources be harmful?

Opinions--even when “supported by data”--remain opinions. We can accept or dismiss these opinions as seems appropriate for us. In the process, we can certainly be appreciative when research and studies are done with precision, objectivity, and integrity.

And we can agree that some things are beneficial for human consumption while others are not. Clearly, vegetables and fruits are an important part of a healthy diet. And nobody is recommending we all drink a glass of kerosene a day! Nor am I aware of anyone who seriously thinks that a diet made completely of high-sugar, processed, fat-fried foods is going to be good for us. Some things are becoming more and more clear to everyone.

We are discovering that what we take in to our bodies effects our well-being in many ways. Food can be such an emotional experience for us. Sometimes we eat to comfort our sorrow, or because we truly are physically hungry. We eat to celebrate, we eat out of boredom, out of habit, out of stress, guilt, elation, and friendship. The list goes on. Are we eating to live? Or are we living to eat?

When it comes to what we take into our bodies, perhaps it is wise to get in touch with our personal intuition—to listen to our hearts and minds as well as to our bodily appetites. EFT can help us become more in tuned with our emotional connections to food, and can help us comfortably and joyously make better, more enjoyable dietary choices.

For me (and I am still on my dietary journey) I’ve found a diet with a healthy percentage of raw and unprocessed foods works wonders. I drink plenty of liquids throughout the day, enjoy purified and spring waters, love juices, and am grateful for one or two amazing health beverages, in particular. I also avoid addicting substances such as drugs, coffee, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products. And for me I’ve found that I enjoy a diet free from animal flesh. This choice continues to benefit me on so many levels.

With that said, I find it helpful to remember that other people have the privilege of discovering what dietary choices are best for them. Forcing our dietary views on others --even just “energetically guilting” them by silently “disapproving” of their choices-- serves only to frustrate people away from truly profound dietary opportunities.

By helping us balance the proper flow of our energy systems, and by freeing us from restricting emotional patterns, EFT helps us come to positive nutritional choices. EFT also helps us comfortably “allow” others space and love so they can make informed and intuitive nutritional choices that best serve them.


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Randy S. Jensen,